AQA A-Level English Language Text Analysis Notes


Assessment Objectives, Method for Analysis, Language Levels & Word Classes


AO1: Apply appropriate methods of language analysis, using associated terminology and coherent written expression

  •        Needed in both papers
  •        When evaluating a text or data, I need to make sure I use terminology
  •        Everything needs to be clear and make sense


AO2: Demonstrate critical understanding of concepts and issues relevant to language use

  •        Needed in both papers
  •        Show I understand the ideas and concepts of the terminology I have used
  •        Give a definition
  •        Challenge this definition (strengths but mainly weaknesses of it)


AO3: Analyse and evaluate how contextual factors and language features are associated with the construction of meaning

  •        Needed in both papers
  •        Consider context in my analysis and say how it relates to these theories/ terminology
  •        Acknowledge the meaning of a text or utterance depends on the context


AO4: Explore connections across texts, informed by linguistic concepts and methods

  •        Needed in both papers
  •        Compare how texts use language
  •        Show similarities and differences and give reasons for this


AO5: Demonstrate expertise and creativity in the use of English to communicate in different ways

  •        Needed only in paper 2 (language diversity and change)
  •        Devise solutions to problems





Things to consider in an essay


  •       Type of text: Letter, novel, transcript, newspaper, website, leaflet
  •       There can be intertextuality (a process where texts borrow from or refer to conventions of other texts for a specific purpose and effect


  •       How formal?
  •       Register is assessed using situational characteristics (a key characteristic of the time, place and contexts in which communication takes place)


  •       Women, adults, children, religion, occupation
  •       Who is the text producer?
  •       Who is the text receiver?
  •       Often text producers have an implied reader (constructed…


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