ANIMAL RIGHTS; revision questions

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A) What is factory farming?(1)

 Factory farming is when animals are bred for food, usually kept in small and tight spaces. 

B) Give two reasons why many religious poeple are aginst the fur and ivory trade? (2) 

 Many religious believers think that animals should not be harmed, for example hindus believe in Ahimsa which means no harm should be brought to any livng beiing which means they would be against the fur and ivory trade because animals such as eleplants can become hurt and injured due to the fur and ivory trade. furthermore, religious believers believe that humans should look after animals as 'a good man looks after his animals' meaning that they would be aginst it because to look after an animal they should be cared for, however the fur and ivory trade brings harm to animals. 

C) explain the attitudes of religious believers towards experiments on animals. Refer to religious teachings in your answer? (6) 

 Some religious believers would agree with expierements on animals, however only for a medical benefit to humans. As some religious believers believe that humans are more important than animals 'Fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and over everey living creature that moves on the ground' this impies that humans are more important because it uses the word 'rule' meaning humas are of higher value


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