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Descriptions of God
· Christians believe in one God.
· He controls the universe and wants a relationship with all
· Descriptions about God:
­ Omnipresent- God is everywhere
­ Omnipotent- God is all powerful
­ Omniscient- God is all knowing
­ Omnibenevolent- God is all loving
­ Eternal- God has no beginning and no end
­ Judge- He will judge everyone on Judgement Day
­ Trinity- God the Father (Creator); God the Son (Jesus)
and God the Holy Spirit (power and courage)
­ `In the beginning God created the Heavens and the
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­ God is in the world
­ Christians believe that God acts in the past, present and future.
· Transcendent-
­ Outside and beyond the universe
­ Not limited by space or time
· Personal-
­ Some Christians believe that you can have a personal relationship
with God
­ This leads to people talking about God as if he is real
· Impersonal-
­ God is described as simply an idea
­ Like a prime number, that cannot be reduced or divided
­ Some say God is a force like gravity, which cannot be seen but
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Reasons for Belief in God
· The Bible- God's word.
· Religious Experience-God may have spoken to
people in dreams or answered prayers or
someone religious (St. Paul) may haven spoken to
them directly.
· Natural World- God's creation such as sunsets.
· Our sense of right and wrong- Someone must
have taught us morality.
· Miracle- A special event that is unable to explain…read more

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Design Argument- Paley's Watch- The universe is too ordered and
complicated to have anything by random chance, therefore it must
have been designed. As it has a design it must have had a designer.
· First Cause- Aquinas' Cosmological Argument- Everything must
have a First Cause therefore the first cause is God because you can'
t go any further back.
· Isaac Newton- ` In the absence of any proof, the Thumb alone
would convince me of God's existence.'
· Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution- Life evolved from simple
structures through a process of a natural of selection to create the
complex world. Christians believe that God was the one who
created evolution.…read more

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Reason's for Non-Belief in God
· Unanswered Prayers- God may not answer all
prayers because there is not enough faith or
what is being asked for is not in God's Plan.
· Scientist believe the Earth began with the Big
· Feuerbach- God is only in man's imagination
because man needs a purpose in life so makes
up an idea of God to make life better.
· Not everyone understands right and wrong.…read more

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