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Philosophy Revision
Yr10 Mocks…read more

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Beliefs about Deity…read more

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Nature of God and Deity
Nature of God Deity
Omniscient ­ all knowing · The definition ­
Omnipotent - all powerful the creator and supreme
omnibenevolent­ all loving being (mainly monotheistic
Omnipresent ­ all seeing, religions
present throughout the · divine status, quality, or
universe nature…read more

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Arguments for the existence of God
· The ontological argument - the argument that God, being defined as
most great or perfect, must exist, since a God who exists is greater
than a God who does not.
· The cosmological argument - the universe had to come from
somewhere, it didn't come from nowhere ­ Christians believe it
came from God
· The goldilocks effect ­ the universe appeared to be `fine turned' for
human life ­ Christians would say because of God
· The teleological argument ­ every complex design needs a
designer, the human eye and God and a watch and the watchmaker.
· The argument from experience ­ people argue for the argument for
God from experiencing miracles and divine experiences
· The moral argument ­ as human we have a basic understanding of
`right' and `wrong', `good' and `bad', this understanding, this
knowledge must come from God.…read more

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Arguments for the existence of God (2)…read more

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· The definition - an extraordinary and
welcome event that is not explicable by
natural or scientific laws and is therefore
attributed to divine deity
· Examples from the bible - Jesus heals a
paralysed man, Jesus raised Lazarus from
the dead, Jesus calmed the storm and
Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.…read more

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