• Second Mark of Existence
  • Impermanent or not enduring- nothing stands still forever
  • Everything is in a constant state of flux
  • All things come into existence as a result of a dependence upon certain conditions
  • Buddha saw that all things are inter-dependent
  • Everything that exists is interlinked through a complex chain of cause, effect and conditions
  • Everything depends on something else for existence and changes when these conditions change or are no longer there
  • Buddha said that the same was true of people and of the world- it is even true of the stars
  • Nothing in the universe in unchanging or lasts forever
  • Buddha said that people do not want life to be like this.  They want things to be permanent and it is this craving for permanence that is the cause of unhappiness and suffering (dukkha)
  • Buddha realised all of this when he reached enlightenment.  Most Buddhists do not fully understand the concept because if they did, they would be enlightened.  They need to deeply meditate to truly understand
  • Buddha taught that a desire for permanence can…


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