The Three Marks of Existence

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Seven types of dukkha

  • Ordinary (dukkha-dukkha)
  • Produced by change (anicca-dukkha)
  • Produced by conditioned states (anatta-dukkha)
  • Concealed suffering (patticchanna-dukkha) - DD
  • Exposed suffering (apatticchanna-dukkha) - DD
  • My body and my name (pariyaya-dukkha) - DD
  • The essence of my being (nippariyaya-dukkha) - DD
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Three mental poisons

  • Greed - pig
  • Hatred - snake
  • Delusion - rooster
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Ordinary suffering

  • Nature is suffering
  • Life is suffering
  • It is dreaded by all human beings
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Produced by change

  • Everyone experiences pleasurable physical sensations and joyful states of mind
  • Howver, they don't last and sometimes when they end we are filled with despair and misery
  • Intense joy followed by intense despair because conditions change
  • Anicca means everything is always changing
  • All compound things only exist when certain factors come together but they consequently separate

Buddha defined two levels of anicca:

  • Gross
    Gross level of change which we can observe with our own eyes e.g. seasons, weather, age, social, historical, geographical
  • Momentary
    Momentary level of change where everything is in a state of flux
    These are subtle changes which can't necessarily be observed by the naked eye
    Buddha gained this special insight during meditation
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