Alright... that exam didnt go too well...

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Okay - Youve finished the exam, wooohooo! No more french verbs or religious quotes!
But.. that exam was really difficult, you really dont think it went that well...

First of all, please dont stress yourself out.Come on, you dont have to stress out about that exam, its finished! Be happy about it :) Because the thing is the exam is over, and stressing yourself out about an exam you can't change is silly. We all have those moments when we think we've messed up, we all do it, we all make mistakes. Just breathe, calm down, and remind yourself youve just finished an exam, its over! :)

If you really have made a mistake in the exam, a huge mistake such as missing out two full pages on a science exam (like i managed to do -.-) then honestly, yeah, its a mistake, but look - a mistake made is a lesson learned, you know for next time to make sure all the pages have been answered! Remember most exams you do can be retaken, and if not, never mind, you did your best. Accept it, learn from it and move on - you'll feel so much better if you accept it, move on, and start working towards…


Naz A


Thanks for the tips and trust me I flopped my Sociology exam which I can't retake as i'n in yr11 but the reason i'm pissedd off with my self is because last yr- in yr10- I did one sociology exam (50% each exam) and exceeded my own expectations as I got an A* and I was hoping to keep the A* bu stupid me- I did 2 correct sections of the paper but the third section I did wrong as it wasn't the correct section and I had 10 minutes left so I crossed that section out and lost about 25 marks out of 90 which means I won't even get an A and my parents+ sociology teacher had high expectations not to meantion myself so yeah bugger

Caitlin Ward


Thanks this has really boosted my confidence of myself - I will do as well as I can and thats all I can do I suppose...

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