drama revision scary play lines

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  • Created on: 18-05-10 21:02

scene 1:

kal: shhh

me: shhhh

boff: for goodness sake

me: for goodness sake

kal: do you want to hear it or what?

girls: yes

me: shut your bloody faces then

kal: right its about the old houser on beach street

tilly: which house

me: shhhh

jaz: did he have special needs or something?

kal: i dunno but anyway

tilly: like you mal

me: its behavioural difficulties what ive got

kal: d'you wanna here this or not

me: sorry

kal: they had their food delievered. the delivery man he put the food down in a box on the doorstop and nobody ever saw them take it indoors. but 10 minutes later it was always gone.

me: someone probably robbed it

jaz: yeah your brother

me: yeah your sister

jaz: yeah your mother

me: yeah your gran

jaz: your mum works in macdonalds mally

me: your mothers a minger, jaz

tilly: aint it

kal: you might be scared

mal: were not scared

jaz: who did?

kal: the son. he killed her

me: did he? was there lots of blood?

kal: shut up boff, my dad says there carried the old lady out in a black oak coffin, and they walked the son out in a straight jacket

me: whats a straight jacket?

kal: good question ro


me: so what happened to the bloody monkey?

kal: will you shush

me: what happened to it?

kal: and one night me dad and his mate snuck in there.

me: what was it like?

kal: little cow

tilly: my sisters like that, always butting in.

me: thats what my big brother says about me, and me big sister

kal: she think she's old enough to do what we do, but she's not

me: yeah

jaz: i think she's cute

boff: so do i

kal: shut up boff

me: yeah shut up, boff

ro: any sweets left?

me: weve eaten them all

boff: youv'e eaten them all, you mean

me: i only had four packets, tilly had more than me

tilly: i had six

boff: youre gunna loose all your teeth

me; your gunna loose all your teeth

jaz: youve already snogged tilly 5 times, ro

me: tilly and ro, sitting in a tree , ro stood up and had a wee



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