Acids and Alkalis Chemistry 3 AQA

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  • Arrhenius said that acids release hydrogen atoms in water.
  • And that alkalis formed OH- ions in water.
  • This only worked for acids and bases that dissolved in water.
  • The idea wasn't immediately accepted because ammonia gas can react as a base even when it isn't dissolved in water.
  • Back in the 1880's scientists didn't believe that molecules could ionise in water.
  • Charged subatomic particles hadn't been discovered yet.
  • Scientists couldn't imagine how Cl- could be different from Cl2 gas.
  • Lowry and Br0nsted said acids are proton donors.
  • Working separately they came up with definitions that work for soluble and insoluble bases:
    • Acids release H+ ions - i.e. they're…


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