A2 Music (Edexcel) - ET Flying theme

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This piece was originally written by Williams, and orchestrated by Herbert Spencer. Williams is well known for writing memorable melodies, and using familiar harmonies, and traditional orchestration.

This piece uses full orchestra. The melody is usually played by the violins or the horns, and the countermelodies played by the flutes.


It begins with continuous quaver movement, and this goes on throughout most of the piece, apart from b.74 to the end where the note values are greater.


It is a type of rondo form.

B.1 – intro – C major
B.9 – theme A – C major
B.17 – varied repeat of A – C major
B.25 – transition (B) – more fluid tonality
B.34 – theme A – G major
B.42 – transition (B) –


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