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Tippett ­ Concerto for Double String Orchestra
Tippett = 20th
A characteristic work of Tippett's early period
Neoclassical features
Jazz features
Two string orchestras set against each other -> antiphony of
renaissance composers

2 note idea in first bar = motif
Motifs are treated in sequence or are…

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Rhythmic polyphony
2 contrasting themes in counterpoint
Homophonic @ bar 37
Octaves @ bar 40 in violin 1 & 2
Imitative relationship between orchestras at bar 9-10 (call &
response, antiphony effect)
Homorhythmic @ bar 90
Detached accompanying chords in homophony -> bar 99
Complex counterpoint @ bar 214



This is a good resource, it helped me make sense of some of my notes which just confused me. Thank you, you've helped save my sanity!


Doesn't say what the dotted lines in bar 15 do.

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