A2 Edexcel Music: Goldsmith's Planet of the Apes revision notes

Just a compilation of the notes from the Edexcel book and notes from the website. Most of the commentary from the book was quite waffly so hopefully these notes will seem more concise

Notes on abbreviations:

Cl = clarinet
Tbnes = trombones
Semiqs = semiquavers
Tpt = trumpet
Picc = piccolo

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17/01/2013 E. Singh

Goldsmith's Planet of the Apes: The Hunt (Opening)
(Cue ram's horn and freaky monkeys with guns riding horses)

Composed by Jerry Goldsmith (1929­2004) in 1968
Film tells the story of American astronauts who land on a remote planet and are captured by gorillas (Charlton Heston isn't in…

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17/01/2013 E. Singh

chromatic notes (from b89 7. Motifs overlapped e.g. b40 7. Changed in metre e.g. b10, 41,
although played singly in w/wind Eflat motif in piano creates confusion
retrograde from b40) below quaverlong note motif 8. Bass ostinato b84 in quavers
(from b13) but doubled in crotchets by…

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17/01/2013 E. Singh

4. B38 ­ 44 Build to 1st climax. Riff treated as 5. Boo bams, timbales, friction drums, bass resin
rising seq b389. Tpt variation of 3note drum, conga drum and vibraslap ­ convey
figure on beat not on upbeat sense of strangeness of apes
5. B45 ­…

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17/01/2013 E. Singh


James Parker-Bishop


Very nice indeed, good job, I like the layout :) Cheers :) 

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