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Schumann ­ Kinderscenen Op. 15: Nos. 1, 3 and 11
Written in 1838
Schumann = Romantic era
Kinderscenen = suite of 13 short pieces
He was in love with Clara Wieck (his piano teacher's daughter).
Married her in 1840 after he won a legal battle.
Kinderscenen means `childhood scenes'

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Rounded binary form (A: BA)
Conventional notated repeat of opening 4 bars
Symmetrical rondo form (ABACABA)
Each section = 8 bars long
A = refrain
B & C = episodes

Of Foreign Lands and Peoples
2/4 metre (simple time, sounds like compound)
Ambiguous as the continuous triplet…

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3 part texture (top part, bass firmly on beat and accompaniment
with off-beat chords)
Double pedal note in LH bar 13
Sustain pedal in bar 16 (very romantic)
Chromatic scale in bass clef bar 16
In A -> dotted rhythms, the LH is in the treble clef and bar…


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