Corelli Trio Sonata Notes 2015 Edexcel Music

Notes I've made from my analysis on the Corelli.

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Corelli ­ Trio Sonata in D, Op. 3 No. 2: movement IV
Written for 2 violins and a continuo = very common for trio
Arcangelo Corelli = early baroque.
Sonata's performed as a whole, based on a jig with 2 beats per
bar and Q+A phrasing.
Mostly conjunct with some octave leaps
Opening sequence = 3 note motif ­ `x'.
Second part of bar 1 = rising sequence = embellished from
original motif.
Inversion of x at bar 5 = x1
Octave leap at bar 7 in 1st
Original motif followed by inverted motif at bar 11 1st
Prolonged falling sequence (x) at bar 16
Section B: starts with inverted version of opening motif
Exact repetition in 2nd
violin bar 21
Addition of anacrusis at bar 32 in 1st
Style of a gigue
Binary form (AB)
A section = bar 1 ­ 19 (repeated)
B section = bar 20 ­ 42
Codetta = end of 40 ­ end
Modulation at bar 10, in A major at bar 11
Modulation defines structure of piece
B section starts in A, modulates through various keys before
returning to tonic
A and B don't represent contrasting themes ­ initial musical
ideas and mood are maintained throughout each movement
Rhythmic variety in violin parts
Dotted crotchet pulse = enlivened by cross-rhythm in bar 26 and
hemiola in bar 27
Syncopation in first violin
Fugal at bar 6 -> melody starts halfway through bar
Quaver rhythms

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Main subject is monophonic
Subject ­ bars 1-2
`Real' answer at bar 3 and subject is a 4th
lower at bar 3 in V2
Bar 5 mimicking a fugue, V1 + V2 in thirds, feel of counterpoint is
Bar 8 = working in tenths
Bar 10 = stretto between parts (very close entries)
Bar 16 = polarised parts (V2 at top of range and continuo is
Inverted pedal point brings section A to a close (in V2)
Bar 26 = feels homophonic…read more

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