WW2 and the Home Front

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Long(ish) Term Causes of WW2

  • The Treaty of Versailles- caused huge amounts of resentment and anger in Germany (Hitler)
  • The League of Nations- an organisation set up by the Allies to keep peace. However Germany wasn’t invited and no one obeyed the laws
  • The Great Depression (1929-33)- world economic crisis caused by the Wall Street Crash. Countries were more concerned about their wellbeing than relationships with other countries.
  • Hitler’s foreign policy aims- He wanted to increase size of Germany and planned to find this space in Austria, Czechoslovakia and RUSSIA
  • Appeasement- Neville Chamberlain (British PM) allowed Hitler to ‘get away’ with aggressive Foreign Policy in order to avoid conflict
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Short Term Causes of WW2

  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia- Hitler had invaded part of Czechoslovakia in 1938 but promised not to invade any more. He broke his promise and invaded in 1939
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact-Russia and Germany (Hitler and Stalin) this frightened Britain and France
  • Invasion of Poland and War- Germany invaded Poland. 1st September 1939, Hitler expects Britain and France to appease him, but they have had enough! They declare war on and unprepared Hitler.
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The Blitz

  • The Blitz started in September 1940
  • 'Blitzkreig'- meaning 'lightening war'
  • Non stop bombing mainly centered around London but also other parts of England (Liverpool, Birmingham etc)
  • Many civilians lives where lost
  • Plane bombers attacked London
  • Plan was to reduce morale but propaganda and the bombing of Berlin
  • Bombing during day as well as night 
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  • Anderson shelters
  • Morrison shelters
  • deep underground shelters (by tube stations)
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