The economic impact of WW2

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  • Economic impact of WW2
    • Big Business and the war effort
      • Roosevelt was determined to make use of the leading US businessmen
        • To provide the needs of war, Roosevelt called in other industrialists and asked for their advice on meeting the demands of wartime production
    • The effects on war
      • The second world war enabled the US to expand their industrial and military complexes on a huge scale
        • They became the most powerful economy in the world.
          • The Great Depression was left - There was a lot of jobs.
    • The workforce
      • About 16 Million men and women served in the U.S armed forces.
        • This meant more workers were needed in the home front. Bought the depression to an end - gave 14 million people work in factories
    • War Bonds
      • People who purchased war bonds began to cash them in - amounting to almost $200 Billion
    • Rationing
      • American People wanted to leave rationing behind and buy consumer goods
    • Automobile companies
      • America was dominared by the "Big 3" - Ford, Chryster and General Motors.
    • Defence Spending
      • The rise in defence spending helped sustain the economic boom
        • In 1948, the budget for war spending was $11 Billion. In 1950s, defence spending was $40 Billion - $50 Billion a year


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