why did kennedy react as he did?????

the for's and against's for kennedies reactions :)

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do nothing


the USA still had a much larger force than the USSR. Overeacting ot the cuban missile crisis might lead to a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR


 to do nothing would be seen as a sign of weakness and encourage the soviets to challenge the uSA someone else in the world - berlin

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surgical air attack

an immediate air strike against missile site in cuba


destroy the missiles before they become operational


the US forces may not guarnetee to get all the bombs and some may be launched on aamerican cities and kill millions of people. bombing cuban missile sites would inevitably kill soviet soldiers too and this would cause Krushchev to respond. It wo8uld also see as a very agressive act by other people

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a full scale US invasion on Cuba


 would remove all the missile bases and castro from power


 this would cause an inevitable soviet response - possibly an invasion of West Berlin and nuclear war

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diplomatic pressure

to involve the united nations and other internationl organisations to resolve the dispute


involvement of other countires might force the soviets to remove the missiles


it was very unlikely that diplomacy would cause krushchev to give way so the option would be seen as very weak 

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Bery helpful Coould hhave took some time to write it Though :L

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