Who opposed the Tsar?

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Why did people oppose the Tsar?

  • many people did not agree with the way the Tsar governed Russia
  • they wanted to improve working conditions and living conditions
  • by the early 1900s many radical groups had formed
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Socialist Revolutionaries

  • formed in 1901
  • aim was to get rid of Tsar
  • to give land to peasants, to form farming communities
  • they appealed to the peasants, but these peasants usually supported parties which wanted to give them land
  • theyre tactics included propaganda
  • they also commited acts of terrorism to bring down the goverment.
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Social Democrats

  • founded in 1895
  • they also aimed to overthrow the Tsar
  • they wanted to create a socialist state
  • workers in large towns supported them as did students
  • in 1903 the group split into the bolsheviks and the mensheviks
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Bolsheviks and Mensheviks


  • believed in a restricted, secret group or organised professional revolutionaries.
  • they thought that large parties could be infiltrated
  • they organised small groups that would infiltrate factories and organise strikes


  • they believed that anyone should join this organisation
  • they believed it would grow untill they took power
  • it wanted to work with trade unions to improve working conditions
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  • wanted the parliment to run the countries and free elections
  • they wanted the Tsar to be a consulted monarch
  • they wanted cuvil rights
  • the middle classes supported them
  • so did some members of the gentry
  • to gain power they organised meetings, speeches, dicussions, published articles and books
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