Opposing the Bolsheviks

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The Whites

Who were they?

Collective name for those who opposed the Bolsheviks (the Reds).

Why did they oppose the Bolsheviks?

They were former tsarists, nationlists, landowners and wealthy industrials who wanted the restoration of the Tsar.

What were their aims?

The liberals and moderate socialists who wanted the Bolsheviks defeated and law order re-established.

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The Greens

Who were they?

Groups who refused to be conscripted into the official White armies

Why did they oppose the Bolsheviks?

There were peasant armies often made up of desters from other armies.Who wanted an end to War communism.

What were their aims?

National minorities, eg the Georgians, who saw an opportunity to establish their independance for Russia. If the Bolsheviks were weak and could be attacked, independance could be a possibility.

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The Czech Legion

Who were they?

A group of about 42,000 who had volunteered to fight on the Russian side in WW1.

Why did the oppose the Bolsheviks?

The Czech Legion made its way across Russia was not welcome by the Bolsheviks- free fighting causing several Czechs to get arrested and the rest rebelled taking over the Trans-siberian railway.

What were their aims?

To win international support for the formation of an independant state of Czechoslovakia. And wanting to gain independance from Austria- Hungary.

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Foreign Powers

Who were they?

Allied troops that had been sent to Russia in 1918 to help re-open the Eastern Front against Germany.

Why did they oppose the Bolsheviks?

Lenin had withdrawn from the war and signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. The Bolsheviks also cancelled payments of all lones given by allies to Russia.

What were their aims?

Britain, France, the USA and Japan were all determined to prevent the spread of communism and intervenedin the War to support the Whites.

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