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Why was the Tsar's Government Overthrown in March

The first cause for the overthrow of Tsar's Government was because
conditions for most people in Russia were very bad. Over 90% of the
people were poor peasants who were barely able to scratch a living
from the land, which they…

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group of committed individuals who would seize power. The
weaknesses for the Bolsheviks were that their leaders were often in
prison or exile, for example Lenin, and they refused to cooperate with
other parties.

The fourth cause for the overthrow of the Tsar's Government was the
economy could not meet…

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Rasputin. The ministers were appointed and dismissed on his direction.
Rasputin's power and influence made him powerful enemies,
particularly among the nobles, and weakened the royal family's
standing in Russia. When Nicholas took personal command of the army,
he was blamed for the continued defeats of the Russian army, and…


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