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Problems with ruling Russia

The Tsar had a lot on his plate to deal with Russia was a very hard country geographically, economically, culturally and financially to deal with.  

  • Massive population
    • Out of which only 40% spoke Russian
  • Backwards and out of date (including the calendar)
  •  Huge class divides due to an autocratic system
  • Poor transport
    • Army can't move effectively
    • Resources can't move effectively
  • Development split East/West
    • West was developed with industry and factories based there
    • East left undeveloped and rural and poor
  • Harsh winter climate made everything harder
  • Surrounded by other countries - potential threat (Japan) 
    • Massive War failure 1904
    • Big blow to people's trust and respect in the Tsar

But above all; the Tsar was a weak character.

  • Not imaginative like his predecessors
  • Not forceful
  • Poor management
  • Disliked confrontation and making big or important decisions
  • Corrupt and placed family members in high positions
  • Tried to cling  to Russia's big power status

However; the Tsar did have good points

  • Well organised police
  • Loyal to family and had attention to detail


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