who opposed the new deal?


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Huey Long

planned to run as president in 1936 and would have been threat to FDR- assasinated- his ideas pushed N.D further to the left.
- he wanted to put heavy taxes on rich and us money to give every american family a house car and decent income.
- against B.B
- was gov of luisiana.
- introduced reform such as education improvements
- dictator like and disguarded the law
- 1931- entered senate and came up with alternative to N.D called share and wealth- wanted to gurantee min wage by taxing rich. 

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supreme court

lawed many N.D acts unconsitutional 
- NRA- unconsitutional- farm morgages- unconsitutional. 
- declared 11 N.D laws unconsitutional 
-judges held conservative republican views had power to decide if N.D policies were unlawful- beleived it placed to much power in fed gov hands.
- idea rejected by congress about replacing judges when they reached 70  however S.C did support some N.D measures- some judges retired which allowed FDR to nominate judges who were more sympathetic to N.D 

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big business and charles coughlin

opposed new deal and fought individual reform packages by putting pressure on congress. 

charles coughlin
critised FDR on his radio show for not taking stronger action against bankers and rich investors. blamed american and british bankers for the depression
- beleived FDR was influenced by bankers and couldnt be trusted founded the national union of social justice and beleived use of silver would encourage inflation.
- looses support because he was anti-semitic.  

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thunder of the left- sociable and communist and li

left wind critised N.D for not going far enough. it claimed the N.D benifited industry and business rather than unemployed.
floyd Olson led farm labour party which advocated state control factories to put unemployed to work. nationaisation of public utilities e.g electricity and postponment of farm morgages for closure but movement died when he developed terminal cancer in 1936.

the liberty league- complained that N.D interfered to much with businesses and the lives of people. they were far right wing groups.
- opposed increases in tax. L.L set up to promote private properity and enterprise unregulated by law. compared the N.D to communism. attacked FDR thoughout N.D years and formed the basis of right wing oposition towards him- FDR not concerned- more concerned about Left.

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