what I need to learn

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what I need to learn

1st billion years the earth was covered in volcanoes that erupted and made the early atmosphere. lots of carbon dioxide and nearly no oxygen like mars and venus today. released nitrogen,water vapour,methane and ammonia.

water vapour condensed and formed oceans. carbon dioxide was removed as it dissolved into the ocean.went through reactions to form carbon precipitates that formed sediment on the sea bed.

green plants and algae evolved to photosynthesise and use carbon dioxide.

marine animals evolved and their shells and skeletons contain carbonates from the oceans.

some carbon was locked in sedimentory rocks and fossil fuels.

plants ,plankton and marine animals die, fall to seabed, buried by layers of sediment. millions of years become compressed to form S rocks,oil and gas which traps carbon dioxide in them.

COG is made by this process.

coal is a S rock made from thick plant deposits.

limestone is a S rock made from calcium carbinate deposites from shells and skeletons of marine animals.

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what I need to learn

Green plants and algae produce oxygen so the levels increased. as oxygen built up more complex life like animals could evolve.

200 million years ago reaches 80% nitrogen, 20% oxygen  and small amounts of other gases ( less than 1%) water vapour , noble gases, carbon dioxide.

Particles absorb frequencies of radiation. GG gases don't absorb the incoming radiation from the sun, they absorb the long wavelength radiation from the earth, re-radiate it back in all directions. this thermal radiation heats the surface off the earth and is called global warming.

deforestation,FF,agriculture, creating waste like landfill

effects- polar ice caps melt so sea levels rise so more floods and costal erosion, change in rainfall patterns affect a regions ability to produce food, freuency/severity of storms increase, amount of water available to habitats affect their distribution.

carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other GG emmited over somethings lifetime.

reducing carbon footprints- renewable energy sources,efficient processes cut waste that decomposes and releases methane, gov tax companies/people on amount of carbon dioxide used.

companies dont want to affect their economic growth. not lots of education about why we need to change.

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what I need to learn

during combustion FF contain HC and  and they release CD and WV into the atmosphere.

incomplete combustion particulates are formed(soot) and carbon monoxide.

particlates get stuck in lungs and cause respiratory problems. global dimming

carbon monoxide-stops blood carrying O  by binding to haemoglobin so less O can be carried. can lead to death.

sulfur dioxide during combustion of FF like coal with sulfure impurities. sulfur becomes oxidised.

sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides form dilute sulfuric/nitric acid . falls as acid rain. kills plants and damages buildings. they can also cause respiratory problems.

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