what I need to learn chemical analysis

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what I need to learn chemical analysis

 compare melting points of a pure substance to a data book

impurities lower the melting point and increase the melting range

impurities increase the boiling point and the sample will boil at a range of temperatures

formulations have exact amounts in measured quantities and are made with a precise purpose to do a required function.

chromatography . time spent in each phase depends on

  • how attracted to apaer
  • how soluable they are in the solvent

rf=substance /solvent front

add dilute acid for carbonates

add barium chloride and hcl for sulfates

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what I need to learn chemical analysis

add nitric acid and silver nitrate for halides

compounds of some metals burn with a characteristic colour

add sodium hydroxide for metal hydroxides

flame emission spectroscopy. sample placed in flame. ions heat up and electrons become excited. when electrons drop back to original energy levels they transfer energy as light.

light passes though a spectroscop that detects different wavelengths of light and produces a line spectrum

intensity of spectrum indicates concentration of that ion in the solution

instrumental analysis: 

  • sensative
  • fast
  • accurate
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