what I need to learn bonding , structure and properties of matter

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what I need to learn bonding, structure and proper

noble gases have a stable electronic structure

metals lose electrons to form positive ions

ionic compounds have a giant ionic lattice

strong electrostatic forces of attraction

high mp and bp

strong electrostatic forces between the nucleus and electrons in covalent bonding

properties of a simple molecular compound

  • very strong covalent bonds
  • weak intermolecular forces
  • mp and bp are very low
  • gas or liquid at room temperature
  • as they get bigger their bp and mp increases 
  • dont conduct electricity
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what I need to learn bonding, structure and proper

polymers are long chains of repeating units

polymers have strong covalent bonds

intermolecular forces between polymers are larger than the ones in simple covalent molecules 

most polymers are solid at room temperature

intermolecular forces are weaker than ionic or giant molecular compounds so have a lower bp

giant covalent structures

  • all atoms bonded by covalent bonds
  • high mp and bp
  • dont conduct electricity (except graphite)

diamond- 4 covalent bonds in a rigid structure

graphite- three covalent bonds and 1 delocalised electron. layers of hexagons

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what I need to learn bonding, structure and proper

diamond is hard, very high mp, doesn't conduct electricity

graphite is a lubricating material because layers slide .it has a high melting point and conducts heat and electricity

graphene is very strong and light and can conduct electricity 

graphene is good for electronics

buckminsterfullerene was the first one to be found and is c60


  • cage other molecules to deliver drugs to the body
  • huge surface area so good industrial catalysts
  • great lubricants
  • form nanotubes

nanotubes have high tensile strength and can conduct electricity. they can strengthen materials without assing much weight.


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what I need to learn bonding, structure and proper

metal consists of a giant structure

strong forces of electrostatic attraction between the positive metal ion and the shared negative electrons

very strong

its the delocalised electrons that provide all the propeties of the metal


  • large sa:v ratio so can help make new catalysts
  • absorbed easier into the body so can deliver drugs
  • tiny electric circuits for computer chips
  • silver nanoparticles have antibacterial properties so can be added to surgical masks
  • used in cosmetics, improve moisturisers without making them oily

effects on the body arent fully understood so people think they should be clearly labeled.

might damage the environment

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