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Traditional Tests Continued...…read more

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More on metal ions...
· Investigating hats on again!
· This time you need to add 1 pipette squirt of
sodium hydroxide to each solution and note
the colour of the precipitate ­ this test is
handy if you have no Bunsen burner!
· Make sure you know what is in each tube and
that you keep them, a further test may be
needed ­ this is like CSI, cool huh?…read more

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More on metal ions...
· Now which 2 do you have a problem with?
· Try adding more sodium hydroxide to both tubes
­ this is called adding to excess
· Can you tell them apart now?
· Now you need to make an accurate guide to
identifying the chemicals so far ­ and learn it!!!…read more

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Metal Carbonates
· Your turn to find out the answers...
· Add a spatula of the metal carbonate to a
boiling tube
· Heat on roaring flame until you see a colour
· Record your observations
· Repeat for the second metal carbonate…read more


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