Weelkes - Sing we at Pleasure


Weelkes - Sing we at Pleasure

Stylistic Features: Hemiola, Root position & 1st inversion chords, Contrapuntal, Homorhythmic, Canonic entries, Mixolydian mode, Part song, 5 part vocals, a capella, Suspensions.

Structure: A 1-22, B-22-53, B repeated and sopranos swap, NOT BINARY.

Melody: Mainly syllabic, Each phrase has its own melody, Word painting (Dancing), Sequences, Conjunct, Leaps of 3rds/4ths/5ths in bass.

Harmony: Root position and 1st inversions, Diatonic, Primary triads, Pasing notes bar 11 and 44, 7-6 suspensions (bar 7), Tritnes, Diminished chord, Parallel movements, Consonant bar 7.

Texture: Contrapuntal, Homorhythmic, Imitation/Canonic entries.

Tonality: Mixolydian mode on G, Mixolydian on D bar 10, Bar 15-16 G major, Modulates - G - D - C - G major, VIIB - I perfect cafance bar 7-8.

Rhythm: Dotted crotchet - quaver - crotchet rhythm, Hemiloa at end of Fa-La, Syncopation found in contrapuntal passages. 

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