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1. What is Weelkes known for?
2. What is a madrigal?…read more

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1. Name a key compositional device in this piece
2. What melodic decoration appears in bar 1
(two possible answers)
3. Is the melody writing mainly conjunct or
disjunct?…read more

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Word Painting
1. The phrase "Sing we at pleasure" is an
example of what?
2. What phrase emphasises the dance rhythms?…read more

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Rhythm and Metre
1. The dotted rhythms give a real sense of what
to the piece?
2. What is used to give the piece further
rhythmic direction?
3. Where is rhythmic augmentation used and
with what phrase?…read more

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1. What is the structure of this piece?
2. The "Fa ­ la ­ la" section acts as what?…read more

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