Characteritics of a BALLETT

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  • Characteristics of a BALLETT
    • lighter type of secular vocal music, simple in style.
      • strophic in form- 2 or more verses set to the same music
        • homophonic texture with melody in the top part.
          • Regular simple dance-like rhythms
            • syllabic fa-la-la refrain at the end which formed no part of the poem itself but provided material for the end section.
              • Occasionally the fa-la 's werenot used , instead another word was substituted. eg Weelke#s 'Say Dainty Nymphs' has the refrain 'no,no,no.'
                • they have 2 main sections A B usually repeated AABB
                  • well known examples include Weelkes 'Hark All ye Lovely Saints' and 'Thus Sings my Dearest Jewel'
                  • Also Morley's 'My Bonny Lass She Smileth', 'Now is the Month of Maying', 'Sing we and Chant it', and 'Though Philomena lost her Love.'


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