Was the Roman Empire different from the Greek empire?...

The History of Medicine-From the Greeks to the Romans...

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Moving from the Greek Empire to the Roman Empire..

From around 300BC the Greek empire was growing weaker and the new Roman empire was steadily growing stronger.

The Romans took over almost all the Greek's old land and the 2 empires became very closely connected. this affected Roman medicine and the important differences affected medicine too.

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Connections between Roman and Greek medicine...

  • The 1st Doctors in Rome were Greek doctors, captured as prisoners of war.
  • The main medical books in Rome were written by Hippocrates.
  • Greek doctors travelled/moved to Rome as they were able to make a better living there.
  • The Romans took over Alexandria-it's libraries and universities. Alexandria was the centre of medical learning.
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Contrasts Between the Greek and Roman empires...#

Greek empire:

Small cities which didn't effect health problems.

Not very centralised- each city was individual so medical ideas spread slowly.

Greek philosophers were famous for having theories about everything.

Only a small army for each city- only got together when there was a war.

There were wealthy people who could afford to pay doctors to care for them.

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Contrasts Between the Greek and Roman empires...#

Roman empire:

Large cities. Many people lived in cramped conditions- health problems.

Centralised with strong government- meaning quick communications, new ideas spread quickly as well as diseases!

Less interested in theories. Efficient and well organised people-liked practical solutions to illnesses.

Thousands of soldiers in the Roman army, stationed all over the empire. Frequently at war. The government provided them with the best medical care as it depended on the army to control the empire.

Even more wealthy people in the Roman empire than in the Greek empire.

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This deals well with the idea of similarities and differences between the two empires, this could well be a higher mark question on your exam.

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