Medicine in Ancient Rome

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Connections in Greek and Roman Medicine 

  •  Greek doctors, they were unpopular because they were foreign and some were jealous of their skills. 
  •  The main medical books in Rome were written by Hippocrates and his followers who were all Greek 
  •  The Romans took over universities and libraries at Alexandria, it was the centre of medical learning. 

Background Information 

  •  Romans were very wealthy
  •  People of the Roman Empire were taxed
  •  It was a slave owning society. 

Public Health 

  •  Noticed that bad smells, unclean drinking water, sewage, swamps and dirt made people become ill. 
  •  They build aqueducts to carry clean water into cities. 
  •  They also built public baths, toilets and sewers to remove waste. 
  •  Ideas about public health spread around their huge empire. 


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