Virtue ethics

Revision cards on Aristotle and Plato's form of virtue ethics.


Introduction to Virtue Ethics

It is an Agent centered theory, where the central questions raised are about character.

Aristotle says the good person is of virtuous character, so virtues are taken subject to his ethics.

Virtues are attained through actions (pragmatic science)

Virtues is a concepquence of training and experience.

The ancient philosophers ask what traits of character make a good person?

Modern philosophers ask what is the right thing (action) to do? They want to develop theories not of virtue but of rightness and obligation -action centered.

Philosophers such as Maclintyre believe that modern philosophy is unfocused abd we should return to Aristotles way of thinking. Anscombe (1958) says we have made a mistake in associating good with actions rather than people.

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