Analyse important feautres of virtue ethics

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Analyse the inportant features of virtue ethics (18 marks)

 Virtue ethics is unique because it is agent-centerd rather that act-centured, therefore instead of looking at the consequences of a persons actions it looks at the individual can beome a better person. The roots of virtue ethics can be found in Greek liturature, during the heroic age, which emphasised the importance of virtues such as courage, hounour and strength. In Plato's Moral theory belived that a man can acheive virtue through the cultivation of his soul and the harmonius well being of his life. He identified four cardinal virtues; temperance, courage, justice and prudence.

Virtue ethics is an teleological theory because it claims there is only one end/goal of human existence,  this is to acheive 'The good'. The good for humans consists in 'Eudaimonia', which is often translated into happiness/flourishig. It involves being happy and living well. It is of intrinsic value, and is desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else. 

Greek philosopher Aristotle belived that humans have a particular function (Ergon), that makes us what we are, this function being rational activity. He belived that reason (Logos) is what sets us apart from animals. We have the ability to 'reason' about things that…


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