Views of Divorce and Remarriage

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Church of England views

  • Realises that some marriages will reach a point of irretrievable breakdown. 
  • Whilst the clergy have the right to marry divorcees in church, usually second marriages do not take place in church 
  • The General Synod recognises the variety of family realationships which now exist and has expressed regret that there is an increase in cohabitation 
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The Catholic Church Views

  • Has strict guidelines on divorce. The church considers the bond of marriage to be sacred and lifelong. Marriage is both a legal bond on earth and a spiritual bond which God has witnessed. The latter cannot be broken. 
  • A catholic is not permitted to recieve the eucharist if s/he remarries 
  • A remarried catholic can take part in mass but is banned from holy communion 
  • Augustine said "The compact of marriage is not done away by divorce intervening; so that they continue wedded persons to one another, even after separation; and commit adultery with those, with whom they shall be joined; even after their own divorce"
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