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Grace Lidgett…read more

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Some of the main issues are:-
Consent (marital rape and `informed' consent)
Whether the act itself is intrinsically wrong or right (deontological vs
Three purposes of sex:-
Fidelity (faithfulness ­ do not commit adultery is the 7th commandment)
Procreation (to have children ­ God commanded Adam and Eve to `Go
forth and multiply' [Genesis 1:28])
Union (binds the couple together ­ `one flesh')…read more

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Originally, the Greek philosophers saw sex as something
weakening the mind. The cynics on the other hand, saw no
point in controlling sexual desire/pleasure and saw no
shame attached to sexual acts even going as far as
performing them in public.
Early history of sex and relationships as far as philosophy
was concerned was riddles with contractions.…read more

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The old testament is not known for having one particular view on sex and
There are moving love stories such as that od Ruth and Boaz; detailed
accounts on incest such as the two daughters and their father in Genesis 19,
as well as numerous tales of seduction and sexual revenge.
In Genesis 1 and 2 there is an understanding that sex was created by God
and meant for procreation. But sex is not seen as wrong, but good. Yet
contradictions also appear.
Sexual involvement with non-Israelites was forbidden as it would lead away
from God (1 Kings) and adultery was forbidden and punished by stoning.
This was a society where women were not equal to men. Women's should
be virgins upon marriage but this association was not asserted for males in
the same way.…read more

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Jesus:- He said very little about sex, he did not believe in
punishing women and put his main focus on equality.
However, it is extremely difficult to see what his teachings
were on marriage and divorce.
St Paul:- Sexual activity if it was to happen should be kept
within marriage, but Paul tried to move away from bodily
pleasures to a more spiritual realm. Marriage was not
forbidden, but considered only for those with no self control.
He was inconsistent with his views on equality and often
degraded women putting males in change of women. He also
emphasised the importance of celibacy.…read more

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For many, this subject has been blurred in recent years, due mostly to changes
in social and cultural attitudes in the last 30-40 years.
Traditionally, the Bible says sex is for married heterosexual couples.
Roman Catholicism teaches the joy and purpose of sex to be within marriage
and not outside of it.
Liberal Christians would encourage people to marry but realise that emotions
and desires sometimes get the better of us so if the relationship was strong
and committed may not condemn it.
Many secular approaches do not see sex to be reserved in marriage as
marriage is no longer required as it used to be:- women are no longer reliant
on men for financial responsibility, legal rights are available for cohabiting
partners and civil partners and the stigma is no longer attached to children
whose parents aren't married.…read more

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