Examine what one religion teaches about marriage (30 Marks) PLAN

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Examine what one religion teaches about marriage. (30 marks)
Chosen Christianity
Although there are many agreements within Christianity, different branches of Christianity vary in their
opinions regarding marriage, which is known as an interpersonal relationship, which is usually intimate
and sexual, which has religious or legal recognition.
Service of Marriage
For Catholics, marriage is one of the seven sacraments. However, it is the only sacrament that isn't
directly administered by the priest. Instead, the husband and wife administer the sacrament to one
another in the presence of God in order to become `one flesh' (Genesis 2:24).
However, the Eastern Orthodox Church disagree with the Western views on marriage presented above.
They do not believe that the couple provide the sacrament to one another, and instead believe that
marriage is an act of the Holy Spirit which acts through the priest during the service. They therefore
believe that only a man of clergy can perform marriage, as it is seen as a sacred mystery to bind a man
and woman in eternal unity before God.
Therefore there are conflicts between who really performs the marriage sacrament, however there
appears to be universal consent that marriage is ultimately performed with God's presence and
Same sex-marriage is a controversial topic within both society and Christianity. Catholicism does not
allow for same sex marriage, despite the legalisation of this marriage in the UK in 2014. The reason for
this is that the Bible teaches that `homosexual offenders' are among those who `will not inherit the
kingdom of God' (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) . The Catholic Catechism also states that a marriage is a means
`to produce children' (St Augustine) and this is not possible within a homosexual relationship.
These teachings are generally followed in the CofE churches too. However, a branch of the Protestant
Church, the Religious Society of Friends, fully accept homosexuality and are therefore in favour of same
sex marriage.
Therefore, generally Christianity is against the concept of same-sex marriages because it goes against
natural law, however it is obvious that society's developing opinions regarding homosexual marriage
are impacting religious views, as seen through RSOF.
Important to remember that divorce is the legal termination of a marriage, and is not always
recognised by religious institutions. E.g. The Catholic Church has believed that a marriage cannot be
dissolved through divorce, because it is an eternal covenant that is entered by the couple and God
`until death do us part' and therefore transcends the power of Earth, meaning that divorce is morally
wrong an "anyone who divorces his wife causes her to commit adultery" (Matthew 5:31-32) and `thou

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Exodus 20:14) therefore divorce is unacceptable, as is remarrying after a
divorce as "whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery" and adultery goes against the 10
commandments. An annulment is available in the Catholic Church, but only under extreme
circumstances where either party was not fully informed regarding their partner or the covenant.
EOC divorce is usually discouraged because they believe that the Sacred Mystery of marriage is an
eternal unity between a couple.…read more


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