verification= checking that the data entered into a ICT system matches the original source of data

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proof reading

  • checking the data entered against the original document
  • can be time consuming and costly
  • ensuring no typing errors by carefully reading what has been typed and comparing it to the source document
  • example: entering pupil details onto a school database- the data is provided on a form by the parents for the school and is typed into the database. this is then checked by carefully reading all the information in each field and comparing it with the data on the original form
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double entry

  • 2 people type the same data only if both sets of data are the same is it accepted
  • example: creating passwords- a desired password is entered twice and only if the two words match is the new password accepted and created
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sending back printouts

  • asking customers to check data and notifiy the company of any errors
  • example: when shopping online- when you pay for your order, you'll recieve a confirmation email which acts as your reciept and a way fo checking your details and order
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