Using technology in Operations

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Key Terms

  • AUTOMATION- the use of machinery to replace humans.
  • COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING (CAM)- the use of computers to undertake the planning, operating and controlling of manufacture.
  • INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY- the use of electronic equipment for the storage and exchange of information. 
  • COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN (CAD)- the use of computers to improve and assist in the design of a product. 
  • CADCAM- the combined approach of both CAD and CAM to assist in the design and manufacture of products. 
  • TECHNOLOGY- in the business world, the application of practical, mechanical, electrical and related sciences to industry and commence.
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robots are machines that have been specifically programmed to carry out tasks that were once undertaken by humans e.g. welding, packaging final assembly and weighing of products.


  • increased accuracy
  • improved productivity
  • greater speed
  • consistency
  • able to work in hazardous environments


  • initial investment
  • set-up time
  • need for updates
  • staff training
  • loss of initiative and human touch
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Computers used in the CAM process have brought about significant increases in productivity and far fewer errors with robots being more precise and consistent.

Technology has also lead to large improvements in stock management systems. 

Supermarkets use EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems in this way to create new orders from suppliers when stock levels fall to the designated re-order level. This saves time as staff no longer need to conduct tedious stock check and it reduces mistakes which could mean empty spaces upon the shelves!

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Benefits of using technology in operations

Reduced Costs

  • Less labour required
  • more efficient production planning
  • internet trading means less need for expesive high street locations

Improved Quality

  • computer-based quality assurance systems 
  • reduced human erros
  • increased consistency

Reduced Waste

  • computer stock control systems 
  • reduction in excess stock
  • more efficient use of mangement time
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Benefits of using technology in operations

Increased Productivity

  • machines are faster and more consistent
  • less need for time consuming stock checks
  • ICT used to efficiently plan production 
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issues in introducing and updating technology

issues in introducing and updating technology:

  • Resistance to Change
  • Cost
  • Low Morale
  • Research 
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