AS Business Studies UNIT 2 Checklist

This is an AS Business Studies UNIT 2 Checklist on a word document. It has been divided into two parts on the same document to make revising a bit easier :)

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Business studies unit 2 checklist: (AQA)
Improving Organisational Structures
1. Key elements of organizational structure
2. Workforce roles
3. How organizational structure affects business performance
Measuring the Effectiveness of the Workforce
Developing an Effective Workforce: Recruitment, Selection and Training
1. the recruitment process
2. internal and external recruitment
3. selecting the best employees
4. how recruitment and selection can improve a workforce
Training ­ methods of training
Developing and Retaining an Effective Workforce: Motivating Employees
1. Theories of motivation
2. Maslow
3. Mayo
4. Taylor
5. Herzberg
Developing and Retaining an Effective Workforce: Motivating Employees
1. Theories of motivation (cont.)
2. Using financial methods to motivate employees
3. Improving job design
4. Empowering employees
5. Working in teams
Developing Effective Operations: Quality
1. The meaning of quality
2. The distinction between quality control and quality assurance
3. Systems of quality assurance
4. Quality standards
Developing Effective Operations: Customer Service
1. Methods of meeting customer expectations
2. Monitoring and improving customer service
3. The benefits of high levels of customer service

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Working with Suppliers
1. Choosing effective suppliers
2. The role that suppliers play in improving operational performance
Using Technology in Operations
1. Types of technology in operations management
2. Issues in introducing and updating technology
Making operational decisions
1. Operational targets
2. Calculating and managing capacity utilisation
3. Operational issues dealing with non-standard orders and matching production and demand
Effective Marketing
1. The purpose of marketing
2. Niche and mass marketing
Using the Marketing Mix: Product
1.…read more

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Measuring and increasing Profit
1. The calculation and understanding of net profit margins
2. The calculation and understanding of return on capital
3. Methods of improving profits/profitability
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