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Business studies unit 2 checklist: (AQA)

Improving Organisational Structures

1. Key elements of organizational structure

2. Workforce roles

3. How organizational structure affects business performance

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Workforce

Developing an Effective Workforce: Recruitment, Selection and Training


1. the recruitment process
2. internal and external…

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Working with Suppliers

1. Choosing effective suppliers
2. The role that suppliers play in improving operational performance

Using Technology in Operations

1. Types of technology in operations management
2. Issues in introducing and updating technology

Making operational decisions

1. Operational targets
2. Calculating and managing capacity utilisation
3. Operational issues…

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Measuring and increasing Profit

1. The calculation and understanding of net profit margins
2. The calculation and understanding of return on capital
3. Methods of improving profits/profitability
4. The distinction between cash and profit


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