USA 1929-2000

Included social, political and economic changes of American society after the wall street crash


The Great Depression

What caused the great depression?

What is the cycle of depreesion?

What were the effects of the great depression?

What are hoovervilles?+slang terms?

What was the bonus army?+what did they do?

What was the agricultural depression?

How did Hoover deal with the depression?

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Roosevelt and the New deal

How easily did Roosevelt become president?+what did he have compared to hoover?

What was his policy?+What were the 3 r's?

Why were alphabet agencies set up?

What were the successes of the New deal?

What were some of the critisms of the new deal?

Give some examples of the Alphabet agencies?

Who were some of the opponents of the new deal?

What did the second new deal focus on?+examples of these?

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USA society and war!

When and how did Amercia enter the war?

What were some of the changes that Americans faced in the second world war?

What were victory gardens?+who benefitted?

Why was there an increase in internal migration between 1941-45?

How were the japanese treated?

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The Affluent society

When did Harry Truman become president?

What was the 21 point development programme?

What was the effect of this?+how did Truman deal with this?

When did Dwight Eisenhower become president?

What did he believe in?+black people?

What were the outcomes of his presidencery?

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Life in American society

What was life like in the Suburbs?

Why did life in the Suburbs take off?

What was McCarthyism?+who did this affect?

What was the 'List'?

Who did McCarthy challenge?+why did this backfire and ruin his reputation?

Did all Americans affluence in this period?+Why?

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John F.Kennedy and the new frontier

When did John F. Kennedy become president?

What was the New Frontier?

What problems had begun to appear in the 1950's and 60's?

What did Kennedy aim to introduce?

What did Kennedy succeed and fail?

When did Kennedy get assassinated?+what were the opinions about him?

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After Kennedy's death

What did President Lyndon B.Johnson build on?

What was 'The Great Society'?

How did he win the 1964 election?

What did Johnson put forward?

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Richard Nixon and Watergate

What were the issues in Johnsons presidency?

When did Nixon become president?

What was Nixon's appeal aimed at?

What Did Nixon Achieve?+withdrawal from Vietnam?

What was The water Gate scandal?+explain the start of the events and the outcomes?

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The Reagan years?

How was Jimmy Cartwe?+how did he become president?

When did Ronald Reagan become president?+who was he before politics?

What problems did he face?

What were his solutions?

What hit in the mid 1980's that sparked problems?

What was 'Reaganomics'?

How did Reagan win the 1984 election?

What happened in his second term of office?

Bush senior and Clinton's impacts on society?

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How did popular culture change between 1929 and 19


Explain the development of music starting with Afro-American music?


Explain the development of movies?

What was the star system?

How did Youth Culture develop?

What was the hippy Culture?+What were some of the characteristics?

What was the dominance of the motor car?

what was the influence of television, computers and internet?

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Teens (P) and women (B) Hippies (Y)

what was the emergence of teenagers and the generation gap?

What were the influences of various musical styles?

Explain the hippy movement?

What was the impact of the student protest and its impact?

On women what was the impact of WW2?

What was the growth of the feminist movements?

Explain how legislation gain equality?

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Position of black people

Explain the position of black people-segregation, jim crow KKK-NAACP, depression, new deal?

What was the jim crow army?

Explain black workers doiuble V ampiagn?

How did the war impact them?

What were the civil rights issues?

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Struggles in education

Explain the Brown vs Topeka 1954?

Explain little rock high 1957?

Explain James Meredith 1962?

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Freedom rights

What was the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

Who was the freedom rider who change everyting?-rosa parks!

What was the role and significance of Martin luther King?

The role and significance of Malcolm X and the Black Power Movement?

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extent of change and developments in black culture

How did Civil Rights change? 

What were the developments in education and housing for black people?

Explain race riots?

What was the extent of change and progress for black people?

What were the developments in black indentidy and culture?

What was the extent of black success in politics, sport, media and entertainment?

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