Turning to Crime - Biology - Brunner

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Turning to Crime - Biology - Brunner


Genes are the building blocks of DNA and they tell bodies how to grow and develop.

Aim: Explain behaviour of a large family from Netherlands where males were affected by sever learning difficulties and abnormal violent behaviour.

Method and Procedure: Case study on 5 males from Netherlands. Quan data collected from anlaysis of urine samples over a 24 hour period.

Results: Tests showed there was a deficit of the enzyme MAOA. There was a mutation on the "x" chromosome in each of the 5 males which is the gene responsible for the production of MAOA which is involved in serotonin metabolism. Impaired metabolism of serotonin means that there will be an excess of the neurotransmitter present in the brain.

Conclusion: Brunner believed too much serotonin may account for the violent and aggressive behaviour shown by the males in the family.

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