Turning to Crime - Biology - Wilson and Daly

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Turning to Crime - Biology - Wilson and Daly

Wilson and Daly

Status competition has been evident in males since neanderthal times when they had to fight/kill for a mate and food. This evolutionary theory has supposedly been passed down from generations.

Aim: Examine gender patterns in violent crimes

Method and Procedure: Analyse data from Police records. This study reviewed homicide cases, analysing age and sex of the offenders and victims.

Results: Homicide is a crime committed mainly by males. It was found that most homicides concerned status competition (showing off, jealousy, retaliation).

Conclusion: Wilson and Daly argue there's an evolutionary explanation for the results. They state dangerous, confrontational conflict is widespread in the animal kingdom.

 E.g. Risk-taking behaviours - a criminal behaviour - as opposed to fighting for food/mate (outdated in todays society). This explain's why there are more males in prison (95% Male; 5%Female) and why males commit crime for status cmpetition.

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