Answers the question from the Jan 2010 exam: Computer Based Training is one method of providing training but is not suitable for all situations

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-  reasons why training occurs: 

hardware or software changes

workforce is restructured 

change in policies

change in laws

whether an employee has a new career

whether employee has a promotion 

- different employees have different preferences when it comes to training. 

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Cascade training + Books and manuals

Cascade training

Involves sharing training where one person receives official training and shares their finding with their colleagues. 

Books and Manuals

For the old fashioned employee books and manuals can provide training they are informal and cheap; plus they are flexible. You can train whenever you are available. 


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One to one training + lecture style training

One to one training

Is a very effective method that provides full clarification and is faster. However it is very expensive 

Lecture style training

Structured training is available which is very informative but some find it hard to concentrate and may not be able to provide written work at the end of the course which is often necessary. 

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CBT +conclusion.


Is a popular method because it allows the employee to work at their own pace, it can be built into the working day easily and it can provide feedback to the user. EASY TO USE, CAN BE BOUGHT IN BULK MAKING IT CHEAPER



Overall, CBT is the most effective as it allows users to work at their own pace and can be built into the working day unlike all the others apart from books and manuals which can be boring and ineffective. As technology is changing they may also be out of date. 

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