Info3- Training and supporting users

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Training and supporting users

Internal and external users

types of training

induction training- the training carried out when a new employee joins an organisation

task-based training- trains the user to carry out a specific routine activity, such as filling in an on-screen data entry form or operating an EPOS checkout

skills-based training-aims to give the user transferable skills that can be used in a variety of ways to perform a range of functions.

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Training and supporting users

Training users

  • cost benefit issues

training methods availble:

  • personal training
  • courses
  • external course away from the organisation
  • external trainer delivering course within the organisation
  • internal trainer
  • one-to-one training
  • online tutorials
  • training manuals
  • computer-based training (CBT)
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Training and supporting users

Supporting users

software help file

  • context-sensitive help-gives information based on what the user was doing when they pressed the help button.
  • user guides and manuals- fewer manuals are getting printed and are electronic on the company website.
  • on site technical/help desk- business have there own ict technicians and support offering assistance.
  • existing user base- setting up a forum to help with peoples quires from people who already know how to use the software and hardware.
  • external helpdesk- helpdesk provided by the manufacture
  • email and chat support- a dedicated online chat, that is cheaper and can be done via e-mail.
  • remote support- some companies can log into the network and investigate the problem.
  • call-out support- engineer may visit the business or person with the problem
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Training and supporting users

supporting users

factors that might influence a choice of support methods

  • is there enough work to justify employing support staff
  • how complex is the setup to be suported
  • how much support is provided free with software
  • how much will a support contract cost
  • what will it include
  • how quickly will support be delivered
  • are there security issues with using external contractors
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Training and supporting users

Interfaces for customers

bank customers

24/7 access using ATM's with keypad and limited number of options in sub-menus with instructions at the start.

Patients in a doctor's surgery

touch screen to sign in the appointment.

Online shopping

e-commerce website will make it easy for customers to find out the information they need, choose their goods and place their orders.

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