Topic 4 Religion, renewal and choice

A brief recap on the topic based on what I remember from learning it recently.

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Topic 4 religion ,renewal and choice.

Davie said that people are believing without belonging. Clergies are being used as rites of passage for weddings and baptisms. 

Lyon- Jesus In Disneyland: There was a harvest day crusade in Disneyland showing that religion is now de-instutionalised.This means that it is no longer conformed to the church only but other places.It also means that image and symbols float around in the world and cyber space. 

Religion has now become re-enchanted due to new age beliefs etc. Due to globalisation people have now acess to different beliefs and ideas no matter where they are in the world. 

People now have a sphere of consumption, the world revolves around them and what they want. They therefore pick and choose what religious ideas and beliefs they would like to adopt. (Bunting -DIY Cocktail

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Topic 4 religion, renewal and choice-criticisms

Criticisms of Davie:

Voas and Crockett ,from the British Social Attitudes 1983-2000, church attendance and belief has declined. 

Bruce says that the fact that people are not willing to invest time reflects the strength of their beliefs. When people no longer believe they do not belong. 

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