Sociology A2 Beliefs in Society - Topic 4: Religion, renewal and choice

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Topic 4: Religion, renewal and choice
Postmodernity and religion
Believing without belonging
Religion is becoming privatised
People are believing in their homes so not going to church
Vicarious religion
Small number of the clergy practice religion on behalf of the larger community
25% go to church but 80% use it for rituals and rites
There are multiple modernity's that have different patterns of religiosity
Science and religion will coexist
Crockett: British attitudes Survey: Attendance and belief are both declining
Bruce: If people don't invest the time it means that their belief is weak
Hervieu ­ Leger
Spiritual shopping
People have spiritual amnesia because religion isn't being handed down through the generations
People are consumers of religion. They pick and mix the bits that they want
The Pilgrims: Follow an individual path
The Converts: Join religions that have a strong sense of belonging. Look to recreate a sense of
Traditional religion is giving way to new religions that show its continuing vigour
The relocation of religion
Globalisation has given people access to once remote religions
Deinstitutionalised: Removed from the church or central place
Religion has become a resource
Religious consumerism
Identity is created through what we consume

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Topic 4: Religion, renewal and choice
We now `Pick and Mix' the elements of different religions that we want
Religion has moved into the sphere of consumerism
There has been a loss of faith in the meta-narrative
Re-enchantment of the world
Criticises the secularisation theory for assuming that religion is declining
There is a period of re-enchantment with the growth of unconventional beliefs, practices and
Bruce: Consumerist religion is weak religion
Evidence shows that people choose things that conform to their existing beleifs…read more

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Topic 4: Religion, renewal and choice
Vasquez: They offer good explanations for differences between countries but don't examine
people's own definitions of existential security
Ignore the positive reasons people have for participation
Gill and Lundegaarde
The more countries spend on state welfare the lower the level of religious participation…read more


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