TOPIC 3- Design of solution

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Problem identified

Once the problem has been identified, solve the problem using one or more pieces of software (design tools) and a variety of techniques (design techniques) 

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Design tools

Defnition- software used to provide a solution, may require 1 or more design tool 

E.g. website- Web expression, image editing- Photoshop

Most appropiate design tool will depend on:

  • tools available
  • users experience of using various tools
  • whether design tool is compatible with other tools
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Design techniques

Definition- the way you use the design tool to solve problem

Data capture- various methods used to enter data into the computer so that it can be processed (e.g. keyboard)

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Incorrect data entry

Problems with incorrect data entry:

  • incorrect decisions- loss of money
  • goods sent to wrong address
  • prosecuted under DPA Act 1998- for not keeping data accurate
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Prevent processed data containing errors

To prevent processed data containing errors, two methods are used:

  • verification- checking data matches with original
    • proof reading- reading whats been typed & comparing with original data source
    • double data entry- two people enter same data into ICT system, if the data is identical- it is accepted (very expensive option)
  • validation- checks data is sensible or reasonable (not if data is correct.) Types of validation checks: 
    • data type- number or text
    • format- DD/MM/YYYY
    • presence- data has been entered
    • range- aged between 10-18
    • length- contact number has 11 characters
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Common errors that occur during data entry

Types of common errors which occur during data entry:

  • Transcription errors- transferring written/spoken data onto a comupter. Issues are:
    • understanding speech- accents
    • poor handwriting
    • typing mistakes
  • Transportation errors- accidental swapping of letters (e.g. 'fro' instead of 'for')
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Reduce common errors that occur during data entry

Reduce errors by:

  • amount of typed input to a minimum- use drop down boxes
  • allow the user to type their own deyals
  • allow the user to check their details + confirm that they are correct
  • use as many verificarion and validation checks as possible
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Data types

Data types:

  • text
  • numbers
  • images
  • sound
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User skills

Failing to consider users skills- leads to incorrect design

Unaware that the user is:

  • Novice- may require online help
  • Expert- use shortcut keys
  • Visually impaired- need zoom in option/ larger text
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