To what extent are the major parties internally divided over policies and ideas (25 marks)

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Divisions with the Conservative Party

Divisions in the Conservatives are over policies such as:

  • The issues of the EU:
    • as the Eurosceptics were a minority division, but over the last 20 years, this group has come into ascendency.
  • Legacy of Thatcher and Thatcherism:
    • whether to further advance or to reduce the commitment of the party of those ideals.
  • The Tory Reform Group are a division because:
    • they champion the cause of 'one-nationism' and are hesitent to follow the rugged individualism supported by the Thatcherite element.
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Divisions in the Labour Party

The divisions within the Labour Party are:

  • Difference between Old and New Labour;
    • Old Labour represented the original ideas with a commitment to the working class and a distinct approach to capitalism, but they have declined since 1983's loss to Thatcher.
  • There is a split relationship with trade unions;
    • Some think the link with trade unions are crucial and underpins the ethos of the party.
    • Whereas others see the link as damaging and limiting. 
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