War had more impact than revolutions on Russian Government

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Central Government

Crimean War - Little impact as no national assembly - organs of Government the same eg. Council of Ministers - wanted to preserve autocracy

Russo-Japanese War - Caused 1905 revolution - humiliating defeat - military not improved 

1905 revolution - wanted 1 rouble/day not just due to war - led to Duma, 1st form of national representation = big change. Restricted by Fundamental Laws 1906 but still big change

WW1 - Social unrest due to inflation, food rotting, not liking Rasputin - Feb 1917 - instable PG - No more autocracy - share power with Petrograd Soviet, still unelected

Oct 1917 - linked to WW1, peace bread land - stayed in - Change in ideology but Constituent Assembly closed after lost to SRs - autocratic style? Civil War - on party unity 1921

WW2 - Very little impact as Stalin able to survive war - ideology same 

Cold War - Khrushchev tried removing cult of personality - West tensions, but organs same

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Local Government

Crimean War - Zemstva due to potential discontent of war performance - reform from above - 1st form of local reprsentation - to replace noble roles after Emancipation - limited due to property qualifications for electoral colleges

Russo-Japanese War - a cause of the 1905 revolution

1905 Revolution - Oct Manifesto condoned free speech/political parties, albeit temporarily due to Fundamental Laws - Establishment of Social Revolutionaries - left appealed to workers. Also Social Democrats had influence - Bolsheviks influence - led to Oct 1917 Revolution

October 1917 - Lenin closed down the Zemstva - lasted throughout Stalin and Khrushchev 

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Crimean War - glasnost due to need to reform from above - 1000 to 1836 books per year (1855 to 1864) - Government had final say

Russo-Japanese War - caused 1905 revolution - freedom of speech and also Duma publishing although this was often edited

WW1 - Had to get information from foreign radio

1917 Revoultion - led to Lenin in charge Agitprop - idealised view controlled cinemas/schools 

Khrushchev - twice as many books published in 1950's than 1920's

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Crimean War - replaced the third section with the okhrana 

Russo-Japanese War - 1905 Revolution - Okhrana used as agent provacteurs


1917 Revolution - Cheka due to change in ideology = civil war - red terror attacks on kulaks with grain requisitions, militarisation of labour

WW2 - dekulakisation accused of being German sympathisers like NKVD

Cold War - reduction in political prisoners. NKVD to KGB - internal and external security of USSR - wanted to remove cult of personality

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