Theology Unit 2: Year 10 work

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Unity and Trinity

Nature of God means God's character. Christian's believe that there is only one God(unity) who reveals himself to the world in three persons (the Holy trinity)

God's Unity

  • Christian's believe there is only one God (monotheism). Why?
  • everything in the universe has a pattern indicating it was made by one God
  • the belief that God is one is the first of the Ten Commandments
  • it was taught by Jesus as the greatest commandment
  • it was the teaching of the Church

God the Holy Trinity

Most Christians belief that although God is one, he experienced the world as a Trinity- the father, the son and the holy spirit:

  • The Father who created everything and whom Christians pray to
  • The Son who revealed God in his life on earth and who saves people from sin
  • The Holy Spirit who inspires Christians and brings the presence of God into their lives.
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Why Christians believe in the Trinity

  • Genesis 1:26 says 'God said "Let's make us man in our image". The word 'us' means that God must have persons
  • in the Gospel descriptions of the baptism of Jesus, the Father speaks the Son is baptised and the Spirit descends in the form of a dove
  • the Trinity is referred to elsewhere in the New Testament
  • all of the Creeds speak of one God revealed in three persons and all Christians should believe the creeds
  • the Catechism teaches that the Trinity is the basis of Christian faith and Catholics should believ the Catechism.
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Christian beliefs about the nature of God: the fat

Christians believe that God is their heavenly Father. He created them, cares and provides for them and teaches them how to live.

Christians describe God as the Father beause:

  • he created the world and everything in it so God is the Father of all human beings
  • Jesus taught his disciples to call God 'Father' in the prayer the 'Our Father'
  • Jesus referred to God as his father on many occassions
  • the Creeds say that God is the Father Almighty
  • the Catechism tells Catholics that God cares for his children like a father, and provides authority for them like a father.
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Christian beliefs about the nature of God: the cre


  • God created the universe and all the things in it, therfore he is the cause of life
  • God is good, therefore all of God's creation is good
  • God created humans in his image, which makes humans a special creation
  • God created human beings last, to look after the rest of creation

the bible story of creation (according to Genesis chapter 1)

DAY 1 heaven and earth, light and dark

DAY 2 the separation of the earth from the sky

DAY 3 the dry land, plants and trees

DAY 4 the sun, moon and stars

DAY 5 fish and birds

DAY 6 animals and humans (men and women were made together in the image of God)

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DAY 7 God rested --> Sabbath day of rest.

Christians have different views to the Bible story of creation

  • Catholics and many Christians believe the Bible writers were guided by God, but used their own words. TF, Genesis gives an outline of creation, but the theory of Big Band and evolution is likely to be the begining of creation
  • Some Christians believe the Bible contains the actual words of God and so the events in the Genesis are facts, and scientific explanations are wrong
  • Some Christians, mainly Liberal Protestants, believe the Genesis creation account is a story shwoing that the universe was created by God, however the Big Bang and evolution is the real way God created

It is important to Xtians that God is creator:

  • it shows that life is sacred because God is the creator of all life
  • creation shows that God is powerful (omnipotent)
  • the Catechism teaches that God shows his love, his widom and his plan for humans through creation therfore is shows fatherhood.
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Christian beliefs about Jesus

Summarised in the Apostles creed:

  • Jesus is the Son of God
  • Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit
  • Mary gave birth to Jesus while she was a virgin
  • Jesus was sentanced to die by Pontius Pilate; he was then crucified and buried
  • Jesus descended into hell after his death
  • After three days Jesus rose from the dead- the Ressurrection
  • Jesus then ascended into heaven
  • Jesus wil reuturn to Earth at the end of time and judge everyone. As the only Son of God, Cathlolics believe that Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit which makes him divine. The virgin birth is important to Christians because:

* it shows that Jesus was Son of God

* it shows that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, so God was his father

*it is the teaching of the Creeds

*it is a teaching fo the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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The week before Easter Sunday. Begins on Palm Sunday ends on Holy Saturday.

PALM SUNDAY- remembers the way Jesus was welcomed to Jerusalem by a crowd that five days later denied him. Catholics celebrate by:

  • processing near the Church with palm leaves or branches
  • making a special entrance into the Church
  • celebrating a special Mass with Bible readings of events of Palm Sunday

HOLY THURSDAY - remembers last supper of Jesus with apostles.

  • a special mass when the priest washes peoples feet as Jesus did
  • readings about the last supper and arrest of jesus
  • alter stripped and all crosses covered as good friday and holy saturday are days of mourning
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Holy week continued

GOOD FRIDAY- remembers death of Jesus

  • 3pm service to mark the time of Jesus' death with bible readings, rite of communion and prayers said at station of cross
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Holy week continued


  • day of reflection and prayer. Cathlics remember that Jesus was dead and in the tomb
  • No services are held on this day until Easter Vigil which begins after sunset and is the first Mass of Easter Sunday

Why holy week is important

  • Palm sunday reminds Catholics that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God whois worthy of our praise and adoration
  • Holy Thursday reminds Catholics of the origins and importance of the Mass. The foot washig reminds them of the need to serve eachother
  • Good friday reminds the catholics the suffering Jesus felt which will give them strength with the suffering they may face. Rminds them of the salvation brought by Jesus.
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Structure of church

  • usually face east, usually cross shape to remember Jesus suffering on cross
  • Alter- table where the priest celebrates Mass. usually has a crucifix and lit candles. Transusbstantiation occurs here
  • Tabernacle- found in the sanctutary. Catholics believe Jesus is really present in the Blessed Sacrament
  • Font- where babies are baptised and is usually found near the sanctuary. Shows the Catholic belief that baptism if the first sacrament which forigves sins and makes person a member of church
  • Lectern- where readers stand to read the Bible. Shows Catholic belief that faith and truth come from the Bible.
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